The hen houses and pasture

Quail Valley Free Range Farm

Sungold Organic free range eggs are certified organic and farmed at Quail Valley Free Range Farm near Nelson, New Zealand. In order to bring the best possible free range eggs to market we have developed and maintain a wonderful natural environment for our hens and we make the finest quality organic feed in our own feed mill. It's taken our family many years to achieve this high standard of organic free range egg farming.

We have been farming hens and producing eggs for the past 35 years. Our dream and ambition was to develop an organic free range egg farm in the beautiful Nelson region where we have sufficient rainfall to keep our pastures green and fresh, and we boast the highest sunshine hours in New Zealand.

Our dream was realized when we bought a piece of rural New Zealand in a remote valley where mature Totara trees and flowing steams meander through our farm giving a tranquil setting. Quail Valley Free Range farm was created and we sourced the best organic grains available with help from local specialized organic farmers in New Zealand and the Sungold Organic brand was born.

Sungold Organic Free Range hens are free to roam and forage in open pastures and shelter in the shade of mature evergreen trees. At Sungold Eggs we truly believe the natural and healthy environment our hens live in is reflected in the superior taste and quality of our organic free range eggs.

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